OriginPro 2023 - 6 Month License

OriginPro 2023 - 6 Month License
OriginLab Corporation
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Academic Users Only: This product allows for personal use on a single machine, not for use on shared workstations. You must be a student at an academic institution to qualify for purchase.

What's new

Enhanced Project and Window Management

Several new features have been added in this version to improve organization and management of your Origin project:

  • Folder Notes and Preview
  • Show Graphs from Different Folders
  • Seesaw between Folders
  • Duplicate Folder
  • Pin Windows

Worksheet Enhancements

The following features and improvements have been added to worksheets:

  • Banded Rows for Worksheet and Table in Graph
  • Improved Worksheet Export to Image
  • Copy Sheet or Selection as (HTML/EMF)
  • Export to Excel with Cell Formatting
  • Set up Frozen Panes
  • Hide Sheets

Insert Worksheets in Graph or Layout

Insert worksheets into graph or layout pages to create custom reports:

  • Nicer sheet object with hidden column & row header and no margin
  • Mini Toolbar to customize band colors, grid style, frame & grid color and thickness.
  • Increasing/decreasing font size will automatically adjust table cell size
  • Grid and frame customization kept when retrieving other updates from worksheet

Double-Y Graphs in Single Layer

This version supports plotting Double-Y graphs in a single layer, allowing easier manipulation and analysis of plotted data:

  • Set scale of right Y axis to be independent of left Y
  • Easily assign or switch plots to be associated with left or right Y axis
  • Work with sub group of plots based on left or right Y axis
  • Gadgets and other analysis tools will work on all curves in layer and will appropriately use the associated Y scale of the plot

Smart Skipping of Symbols for Large Datasets

New methods have been added to skip symbols when plotting large datasets as symbol or line+symbol plots. This allows for a nicer presentation of data while maintaining overall features of the data. All analysis operations on graph will take into account the entire dataset. The control is available in the Drop Lines tab of Plot Details dialog

  • Select between Total Points Kept or Percentage of Points Skipped
  • Select from multiple skip methods (Largest Triangle, Y-threshold, Data Distance Threshold, Douglas-Peucker-Hull, Largest Triangle for Segments)

Line-Symbol Plot with automatic X value sorting

Perform automatic X value sorting of data in line or line-symbol plots without having to sort the worksheet columns. This is particularly useful when you have multiple columns in a worksheet and want to plot any two columns against each other, without having to reorder the worksheet rows.

Apply x value sorting to a particular data plot with this LabTalk script command:


Once sorted, the graph can be saved as a template for future use, if desired.

Angle Annotation Tool

A new tool for angle annotation in graphs has been added in this version.

  • Click and select three points in a graph to add the angle annotation
  • Further customize the annotation using Mini Toolbar or properties dialog

Text Box and Page/Layer Title

New Mini Toolbar buttons and properties have been added to support Layer and Page level titles:

  • For layer title, use layer level Mini Toolbar and click on the Add Layer Title button
  • For page title, use page level Mini Toolbar and click on the Add Page Title button
  • A center-aligned title box will be added, with wrap text enabled
  • Size of box can be set as % of layer/page. The % setting will be maintained when layer/page is resized.
  • Adding more text or increasing font size will result in auto wrapping. The centering and width will be maintained.

Improvements to Exporting

The following improvements have been introduced for exporting:

  • Built-in viewer for immediate preview of raster and EMF exports
  • Clickable link in Messages log to open exported file or folder
  • Hot key to export graph with last-used theme
  • Worksheet export to image supports frame and margin control
  • Export video from browser graph, multi-frame image or multi-frame matrix

Improvements to Contour Plots

The following improvements have been added for contour plots:

  • Insert multiple custom contour levels with options for turning on lines and labels
  • Mini Toolbar for customizing line and label properties, and extract data for contour lines at a selected level

Improvements to LabTalk Scripting

The following improvements have been added for LabTalk Scripting:

  • Improved Script Window with Unicode Support
  • Use window long name in range notation to favor window in same folder
  • Named range to specify 3D plane position
  • Execute script stored in worksheet cell using Labtalk
  • Select Columns by LabTalk Script

New Graph Types

The following new graph types have been added in this version:

  • Stacked 3D Heatmap
  • Ternary Vector
  • 3D Line Spline Connection

OriginPro 2023


These system requirements apply to the most recent release of OriginPro.

  • Operating System: 64-bit (x64) Microsoft Windows® 7 SP1, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10, Windows® 11
  • Processor: 1.6 GHz 64-bit (x64)
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • Hard Disk Space: 2.0 GB of free hard disk space for program installation + Help files (does not include data storage).
  • Other hardware: USB port or DVD drive (if installing from USB stick or DVD)
  • Browser: The Learning Center dialog requires Internet Explorer 11, or Microsoft Edge on Windows 11.

Large Datasets, Additional Recommendations:

For users who work with large datasets (e.g. import text files of 10MB in size, or greater), OriginLab makes the following additional recommendations.

  • Multi-core processor: The more logical processors, the better
  • RAM: At least 16 GB, the more memory the better
  • Drive: Solid State Drive (SSD), the faster the better
  • Network: If data are on a network, 1000 Mb (Gigabit) is better

See also, documentation of the system variable @IAS which controls the least file size (in MB) to enable multi-threading for import.

Running Origin on Mac using Virtualization Software

OriginLab recommends running Origin from Boot Camp, if dual-booting is an option. For those who prefer to run Origin as an application on your Mac desktop without a reboot of the Mac OS, OriginLab suggests the following virtualization software:

  • Parallels® Desktop for Mac
  • VMWare® Fusion
  • VirtualBox

System Requirements:

  • An Intel®-based Mac®.
  • Mac OS X 10.7.0 or later
  • 2GB of RAM, 750 MB free hard disk space for the virtualization software, 20GB free hard disk space for each virtual machine.
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